Meet Councillor Hamid

Councillor Zeeshan Hamid has represented his constituents in the council since he was first elected in 2010. 

Prior to being elected he served in the Milton Transit Advisory Committee and was Milton’s representative in Halton’s Inter-Municipal Committee on Sustainability. During his tenure at the Town Council, he has served on various boards and committees, including Transit, Interview Committee, Economic Development, and Library.

Outside of his council work, Hamid is an active volunteer, and an avid advocate for mental health, good governance, environment, youth mentoring and social justice. He is a past president of Milton Toastmasters, and is active in mentoring and coaching several youths in the community. He also currently serves as a Director of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Halton.

A graduate of the University of Waterloo, Hamid works for a large multinational corporation as a Software Development Manager in downtown Toronto, and lives in Milton with his three children.

Online he can be found on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Recent Posts

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    How to have political influence

    At the 6th anniversary of my time in the office, rather than doing another chest-thumping self-praising post, I wanted to leave you with some lessons I’ve learned during these years.

    Some voters, and politicians, are more successful than others in achieving their goals. How do you become a citizen who achieves better results?

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    Councillor Zee HamidHow to have political influence
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    Summary of the 2017 Budget

    I put together a short presentation explaining how municipal taxes work and where the money is going next year. If you have any questions then please leave them in the comments, I’ll respond to each question (but please be patient, I cannot respond in real-time).

    Take a look.

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    Councillor Zee HamidSummary of the 2017 Budget
  • 2017 Budget Survey

    Thank you very much for taking my budget survey, 261 of you responded. Some of you left comments that require an individual response, but since the survey was anonymous I have no idea how to contact you. If you fall in that category then shoot me a line (zee.hamid <at> and I’ll write back.

    Other questions can mostly be summarized in follow categories:

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    Councillor Zee Hamid2017 Budget Survey

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