Meet Councillor Hamid

A Mathematician and Software Engineer from the University of Waterloo, Councillor Zeeshan Hamid was first elected in 2010. 

Prior to his election, he served on the Milton Transit Advisory Committee and represented Milton in Halton’s Inter-Municipal Committee on Sustainability. During his tenure at the Town Council, he has served on various boards and committees, including Interview Committee, Transit Advisory, Economic Development and the Library Board.

Outside of his council work, Hamid is an active volunteer, and an avid advocate for mental health, environment, youth mentoring and livable communities. He is a past president of Milton Toastmasters, and is active in mentoring and coaching youth in the community. He currently serves as a Director of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Halton.

In his day job, Councillor Hamid works for a large multinational corporation as a technology leader in downtown Toronto. He is also an active public speaker and speaks on civic engagement, civil liberties, diversity and minority rights. Hamid is also an experienced emcee, having emceed events as diverse as Orchestra concerts, community dinners, AGMs, major sporting events, and fundraisers.

Hamid lives in Milton with his wife and their six children. Online he can be found on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Recent Posts

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    Where are the women, younger people and visible minority?

    There’s one serious problem in municipal councils. The issue is that the elected body that has the most impact on your daily life is missing many voices and narratives. The problem is not that generally older men are getting elected (that choice belongs to voters), the problem is that younger people and women are not running for local offices in the first place! 

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    Councillor Zee HamidWhere are the women, younger people and visible minority?
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    The buck stops with the council

    Last night I received an e-mail attacking staff. It was late and I am very used to being attacked so I did not think of it until it was pointed out to me. I should not have ignored it. I’ve given that staff member my apology for not standing up for him when I should have.

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    Councillor Zee HamidThe buck stops with the council
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    Fines Increase for Illegal Basement Apartments in Milton

    Zee’s comments: Basement apartments are perfectly legal in Milton, provided that homeowners receive proper permits. Illegal apartments can be extremely dangerous.  If you know of one, please call the bylaw department to report. 

    Milton’s Building Division and the Fire Department have joined forces to investigate a growing number of public concerns about illegal and dangerous basement apartments in Milton. In addition to checking permits, the Town has made it a practice to issue tickets on the spot for violations related to smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors.

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    Councillor Zee HamidFines Increase for Illegal Basement Apartments in Milton
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    Pictures of the new community centre

    UPDATE: We approved the tender award on September 11, 2017. The construction cost is coming out to approximately $2.67M under budget.  

    One of the most exciting projects of my time in the council is the new Library branch and community centre in my ward (on Savoline and Main), east of the Sherwood Park.  With a twin-pad arena, swimming pool, library, older adult activity area and banquet room, I am more excited about this than I have been about any other development (including the Velodrome).

    A lot of work went into this! Here’s a sneak preview of what it will look like! 

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    Councillor Zee HamidPictures of the new community centre
  • communication_blog.jpg

    Lessons on Communications

    I was first elected in 2010 because I communicated really well with residents. I continued communicating actively and regularly after my election, but something changed. As I got more educated in the legislative and policy framework, I realized I started speaking governmentese, instead of Tim Horton’s (credit: expression borrowed from Mayor Jeff Lehman from Barrie)!

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    Councillor Zee HamidLessons on Communications

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