Thoughts on new ways of looking at Milton’s taxes?

As you keep hearing, Milton has the lowest taxes in GTA by far. In fact, we are 30% below the average of neighbouring municipalities.

It creates a challenge where we’re unable to provide similar services without raiding our reserves and risking our future financial health. In fact, raiding reserves is something the council will likely do again next month.

Our staff is recommending a better (IMO) approach, one I’ve argued for in the past as well since I prefer concrete, measurable (and achievable) goals.

  1. Set a goal of staying 15% below the lower of Burlington and Halton Hills (which both have low taxes themselves). That’s a reasonable way of saying we’re “efficient” at providing services.
  2. Add an additional goal to provide each service at a cost that’s 20% below the average of other municipalities. This gives you a measurable way of ensuring we’re efficient.

The combination of the two will 1) keep our taxes low, 2) provide services you deserve, and 3) demonstrate that we’re providing each service in a very cost-effective way.

The current approach of driving taxes as low as possible no matter what the cost isn’t working. It’s taking us to a financial disaster where every analysis shows that we will not be able to maintain all the roads and parks we have developers build using development charges.

Thoughts? Let me know:

(I am not adding a poll intentionally since I am more interested in hearing your thoughts).